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Just Swinging by

I ́m along the line

It ́s a funny thing I got left behind just to redefine

So unaware

And quite naive

Everything ́s for sale

So I ́m putting my halo out for free

The last three days

Turned the tables for sure

A memory distant from a long time ago

Now they stay back

They seem to wait

I took my chance

Got it up to speed in a shady romance

But it escalated got too weird

Nothing seem to solve the knot you want to disappear Turning passive at a glance but armed to my teeth

I ́ve seen before what hides beneath

Speculation, fabrication, persuasion wrong equation It is not even close

You win some you lose some, but you live

Live to fight another day
Been out preaching, It ́s understandable But I ́m reckless

And it feels hard to do

Think I ́ve been falling through
This is the fight of my life


from Storm, released September 3, 2014



all rights reserved


Maskin Örebro, Sweden

Maskin is a swedish heavy rock band, driven by fuzz and the love for heavy rock.

If you like fuzz, you like us!

John Stöök - Drums
Benny Andersson - Vocals
Kent Cederström - Guitar
Joel Forsberg - Bass
Viktor Örneland - Guitar
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