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Doomlobbyn What the intial tracks Ignition and The Swarm promised. Storm delivers. Warm groovy fuzz with an unmistakeable edge. It's like being smothered to death with bees. Favorite track: Storm.
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44 minutes of fuzz! There is really nothing more to say!


released September 3, 2014

Recorded, mixed and mastered by kentos.
Assistant engineer Richard Stöök.
Additional vocals Elin Ersson.

Recorded in Studio Bombshelter, Studio Tegelbruket and Studio Maskin during 2014.



all rights reserved


Maskin Örebro, Sweden

Maskin is a swedish heavy rock band, driven by fuzz and the love for heavy rock.

If you like fuzz, you like us!

John Stöök - Drums
Benny Andersson - Vocals
Kent Cederström - Guitar
Joel Forsberg - Bass
Viktor Örneland - Guitar
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Track Name: The Fattest Man Alive
You should know he ́s coming
You should expect him soon
A growing hunger never seen by man before Such a greasy soul, just a big black hole Imagination stops when he gets aboard

He was an easy catch, slow like a one winged bat
Placed in a cage they cheaply bought abroad
This made him grow like a faulty ticking time bomb It made him blow like a faulty ticking time bomb

Never knew what to say, so he said it all
Never know what to do, so he did them all
Never know what to become, so he became them all
Needless to say, just believe, that he
Is the fattest man
He ́s the fattest man alive

Nowadays he ́s free, nowadays he stands clear
But a time will come when appetite do return
Foul expression so small, tells the story quite loud
He ́s been hung out to dry, this is the final meal

You saw him coming
It ́s hard to miss him alright
Obese soldier
Track Name: Ignition
Ignition ahead, a fantastic display
I can feel it heading faster just a stones throw away
And if you do, you stay away
́Cause I never thought of going but arrived 5 minutes too late

So wait No need to drive that road with your tiny little mind of hate
So sincere You try to buy us cheap, but you ́ll never achieve our speed

Perfection they say, you know it so well, it ́s heading in your way
And if I ́m there, you be aware Cause it seems like I ́m attached to you And I don’t never ever care

So commence No need to drive that road with your tiny little mind of hate
So sincere, you try to buy us cheap, but you ́ll never achieve our speed

It was impossible to do it alone, so I left and watched it explode
No need to drive that road with you tiny mind of hate
So sincere You try to buy us cheap, but you ́ll never achieve our speed

Ignition and flares all around us these days
They ́ve been fighting, screaming, crying, laughing heading your way
And when I ́m there, yeah they obey
Cause I ́m everything they want, but they ́ll never go my way
No need to drive that road with your tiny hand of fate
Mr.Greed – You try to buy us cheap but you ́ll never achieve our speed Our speed That bumpy road they closed was never there to be
So sincere, another round ahead and I just escaped my fear
Track Name: Storm
So I arrived astonishing, all outnumbered, today I wish it away
But sure, ill be there again

Why is it pandemonium feels right for all of them
When I am so afraid

Been out searching for survival-o
Travelling to the north I ́m moving still unnamed I think it ́s getting better But I feel so ashamed And now it started turning and it feels in my heart

A nightlong full of hopes turns to a hideous start
A step towards nothingness Another shape of today
So get in, get prepared Today is the day
When the storm surrender

Damage control was never really a priority, oh no, they ́ll try it again
And when I see how worn you are, I leave with a frown
For now I may smile again

Be still
There ́s something different in the air tonight
A new prospective, it breaks us down but it feeds my mind
It really does

Ravaging It sweeps you down, but you love my kind
So Unknown A quiet push makes them out of control
Management When do you think the storm may surrender
Just wait some more, right
Track Name: Fluffy Muffin
So I choose to stay a little longer

Decides to make it just a little bit more Cause after all the cares are few

And I ́m a clean imitation of my altered mind

Another turn, another quiet beating

No one really seems to follow their senses these days And I ́m a raging dynamic proposition

I ́m just making sure it will add up in the end

Another headlight broken, another dull one down No time for explanation, this one will fall

It ́s quite a reaction, quite a relief

Your only friend that messy lonely jackal-o

That one that came and saved your sorry ass that day No one could ever cope with your standings

Im just standing by waiting for them to strike pay

In a moody dream I walk right in

Showing lizard boots with a modern fit Looking around the room with a chinese eye My options few but I got my steel

And like a multi-function classic wizard

I stop the time and collect my loot
Track Name: Antidote
All systems go invite me in, I swear to god I won’t complain

Or say a word, cause I ́m just to new to see, what it means for real

That slow attempt got catched again

A quote long back that stays the same

Why wont we dance that way again, it ́s all the same in here

Fantastic world I ́m here to stay

It all runs good, do you feel the same

Medicament reparations to embrace (Grab a hold and it disappears)
An easy mood for the human race (It may be proper with the antidote)

Now you disclaim

And try to trade the blame

With a salty fraud, step in again showing your phony scar

All systems went invited me in, I swear to god I won’t complain Or say a word, I ́m just to new to see, what it means

Another time to shine another time to try

Another chance to smile and tell them all jolly good byes And this stand off is really constant now

A modern brain room on a different height Jubilation and another big surprise

But hey! Is this supposed to be that superior?

For us to say

Cause we leave our foolish ways From time to time
Track Name: The Swarm
They went looking for a bigger bang

With straight heads and big wheels under their guns Unmotivated and cold seeking separation as a gift from the gods

Take my watch son, do it on your own Grab a ledge son, and try to breathe

Disorder went on without doubts and the slimmer man went ahead and apart

In my zone of peace and relaxation the limits mine

and it ́s mine to be

Uncontrollable in every way

With you spectating my ways are changing

With you spectating I am only me

Why wont you breathe for a moment, hide for a moment Try to live for that moment, just that moment

As I told you, I tell them too

As people do, just as people say

They told me you we ́re haunted by demons They told me you went far away

They told me you were dying

They told me I was your verve

The last shot was a vital warning The last shot did surprise us all The last shot was a decent way The last shot was a decent way The last shot was

The last shot was

The last shot was fired by you

Again disorder went on without votes And our man went ahead and apart

In my zone of peace and relaxation The only joy is my tattered old pride
Track Name: Screecher
Just Swinging by

I ́m along the line

It ́s a funny thing I got left behind just to redefine

So unaware

And quite naive

Everything ́s for sale

So I ́m putting my halo out for free

The last three days

Turned the tables for sure

A memory distant from a long time ago

Now they stay back

They seem to wait

I took my chance

Got it up to speed in a shady romance

But it escalated got too weird

Nothing seem to solve the knot you want to disappear Turning passive at a glance but armed to my teeth

I ́ve seen before what hides beneath

Speculation, fabrication, persuasion wrong equation It is not even close

You win some you lose some, but you live

Live to fight another day
Been out preaching, It ́s understandable But I ́m reckless

And it feels hard to do

Think I ́ve been falling through
This is the fight of my life
Track Name: Another Hive
Disposition needed, it got quite out of hand this time
Try to build this dream for all the terrified ones

That fact that strength in numbers did fail

Kill the lights draw back to me and pray that it stops

Now sleep I wont be coming around
Supreme Lunacy In 45 we go live
(Another time) Another thing I must hide
(Another place) Another trip to the hive

Sprung right out of context and it landed in wonderland
Burnt out voucher got them on this terrible spin

Another ball

Another champion

Another one to the grinder now

Another thing I must hide
Another trip to the hive
Another time

Another thing I Divide

Supervisor told them it is really spectacular
Nothing will compare to what they truly have done
It ́s all a handful of nasty terminated ones
That will make you cry

Another turn

Another choice

Another one to the grinder now

No, it won ́t work I ́m too desperate I did fall behind

Another word from you Another superstar Another one to fatality

Why wont you push me Why wont you go for it Make the selection
Why wont you run me by Be seated boy Stay seated for now

And just listen You gonna hear them unfold The hive is populating It ́s not far from home

Final say came once or twice it wasn ́t really strong enough
New formation took the word a bit too hard

Another ball

Another champion

Another one to the grinder now